Tips On How To Conduct A Professional Quarterly Business Review

When you are presenting your metrics to your client at the end of a quarter you should showcase your KPIs that are the most important. At the same time, also make sure that you add a unique spin on your own on the delivery. It is important to ensure that the review is partly reflection and partly future planning. It is also necessary to allow the client time enough opportunity and time to provide input. This will show that you are having a real conversation and show that you are open to feedback and suggestions. Let us look at some steps to making your quarterly business review successful

Tell an interesting story

You need to be a good storyteller. Focus on the previous successes of the company along with the innovative ideas for the future. It is a good idea to use a beginning, middle and end structure during your presentation which will make it memorable and easy to follow. Use the middle part to introduce your vision and also show how you can revolutionize the client’s business.

Begin with your KPIs

It is a good idea to review your Key performance indicators during the beginning of the review. These include qualified leads, new leads, and the customers that you have acquired due to the marketing and PR activities. This can help your client understand which strategies were the most successful and what you plan to do differently or similarly in the future.

Use the 9 minute rule

It is difficult for human beings to pay attention to one subject for more than 10 minutes at a time. So you can structure your presentation into two parts – initial summary which covers all the essential details and is completed in nine minutes or less. Then comes the larger presentation which has the extra details that need to be included. This ensures that your presentation is successful even if they lose interest after 10 minutes.